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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A start of My Learning Journey...!!!

On this day(26/10/2011) of Diwali.. the Day of Lights... I decided to start a blog to share my learning experience with a great Guru through this... A spark has come in my mind to start this blog few days back... but finally on this day of lights, I decided to make it into a Fire, by thinking that this will be a sweet memory for me when I look back at this after a few years... I am digitizing my Diary of Learning....   My Learning Journey started from March 26th 2010... I consider it to be a lucky day for me...The memories of this day are still fresh in my mind, and I could still visualise this amazing day... A great day of Enlightenment for me... where my Life had taken a great turn... my perspective has changed... My School friends, Inter Friends, Engineering friends many times said that I have really changed a lot... "A Good Change".... My confidence levels increased.. I was able to communicate with many students and faculty from different colleges... My leadership qualities has grown drastically.. Till that day I was learning without enjoyment, but from then I started enjoying learning... I started enjoying every moment in my life... Started living my life to the fullest of it.... Learnt the meaning of life i.e., to Live In Full Enjoyment and to Learn In Full Enjoyment..  I learnt a great lesson that I must do a particular task whether it may be an exam or some other work with full dedication and never think of the result and automatically Success will be mine.. All this is possible only because of one person.... Dr T P Sasikumar ji(

I first thank God who has blessed me and given me such a great gift by connecting me to such a GREAT GURU... I could proudly say that HE IS THE BEST GURU IN THE WORLD.... and every student dreams to have such a Guru.. And by the blessings of God, my dream has come true...

I also take this opportunity to Thank my Guru... who has enlightened me, who has inspired me so much....!!


  1. I could see... tat u determined to do smthin... u have goals set... ur self motivated...Bt i am still wondering hw to be like tat .. :) Anyways wishing ur all the success in ur life...nd ma namasthe to Sasikumar sir ,wud love to meet to once..

  2. best of luck in ur journey towards the acheivement of a life which cud b called meaningful ....good initiative !

  3. inspiring :)
    our fate is not written , we create it
    all the best of luck :)

  4. Thamasomaa Jyothir(

  5. This zeal and enthusiasm will take you to new heights dear..all the best..

  6. Anusha, Agree with are blessed by "God" because you got a great Guru in your Life.
    "Om Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnuhu Guru
    Devo Maheswaraha. Guru Saakshaat Parabhrahma Tasmai Sri Guruve Namah"

    - Rejitha