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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Interpretation of Leadership by my Guruji.. 111030

Interpretation of Leadership by my Guruji.. 111030

Learnt the interpretation of Leadership in a different style from my Guruji…

From my childhood, I heard that Lion is the King of Jungle, but had never thought why it is called as the King, while there are other animals like Elephant, Rhinoceros etc., which are much more powerful than Lion.

But today My Guruji… raised that question and answered it in the form of a Sloka as follows:

“Na Abhisheko, Na Samskaraha; Simhasya kriyate vanae
Vikramarjita satvasya svayameva mrugendrata”

Which means

Na Abhisheko, Na Samskarah – There is no abhisheka or samskarah i.e., there is no official coronation ceremony held

Simhasya Kriyate Vanae- for declaring the Lion as the King of Jungle.

Vikramarjita satvasya – because of his attributes, virtues and heroic deeds

svayameva mrugendrata – He declared himself as the King, and none could oppose him because of his powerful nature…

Similarly, one should never “demand” a goal, and must try to “earn” the goal through his/her own efforts and virtues. It is through hard work, and heroic actions one should declare himself as a leader and must work for the betterment of the society.

Swayam Eva Mrugendrata – A person could earn prominence
only through his virtues, strengths, sacrifices and efforts.
Nobody's approval is needed

You could listen to the audio file here :

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