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Friday, November 4, 2011

A philosophical Discussion on Truth versus Fact...

My Guruji proves that if one has interest in learning, then, learning is possible around anything and everything... 
At this instance I love to give an example...

He even analyzes the difference between two similar words so perfectly and explains to us with such good examples, that we bound love to learn more and more...

I misinterpreted that fact and truth mean the same, till the time I had a discussion with my Guruji...

Once on the way to his college(He is now holding a post as Head Of the Dept of MBA Dept, Aurora College) he sent me a sms(Virtual Learning), the difference between Truth and Fact

The message is as follows:
Fact is temporary and relative.
Truth is permanent and absolute.

Later, that evening we discussed regarding the difference between Truth and Fact over internet(Virtual Learning) in Facebook(We use social Networking Sites for a better purpose i.e., to Learn and Discuss..)
Our Discussion on facebook is as follows:

    • Chachu God a Fact or a Truth ?

    • Yes.... I argued the same with my Papa for a long time... he was not agreeing. He was saying that God is a Faith... u can't take example of God in defining Truth...

    • he is true.
    • truth is the impression..
    • that is what one has as absolute in him.

    • Chachu but as i have faith in God... God is a truth for me right?
    • so truth depends on individual na?
    • like something i may believe it as Truth but others may not

    • truth is definite..
    • but all may not know that..
    • death is definit..
    • eating makes one to survive..
    • survive is fact
    • death is truth.

    • death is a fact right?

    • but none thinks of death ..

    • how could that be truth?

    • death is not fact.. it is truth

    • death is sure to happen...

    • as it is definite / absolute
    • yes..

    • so which is definite is Truth?

    • yes
    • permanent is truth
    • temporary is fact..
    • eating will survive is temporary..

    • So is the feelings which get a fact or a truth?
    • *which we get

    • that is fact..
    • but firm feelings that are tested by time.. that i am aware of death..
    • so death is truth..
    • not feeling..
    • i realized as fact..

    • okay...
    • we have Manas
    • is that a fact
    • or a Truth
    • ?

    • as long as u realize ..
    • and identify with thoughts as manas.. will understand it is truth

    • so could we take Fact as something which we could prove?
    • as we could realize truth... but may not be able to prove it..
Thank you chachu ji..

Before meeting my Guruji, I never ever thought that there could be such great learning even on two words... I am really Loving Learning chachu... This all is due to you...

The main improvement in me through these discussions is confidence.. Yes, I learnt that the Confidence levels increases with knowledge...

If I compare myself before meeting chachu and after meeting him, the Confidence levels in me have increased drastically...