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Friday, January 13, 2012


The word ‘guru’ means, one who dispels darkness or enlightens us. In simple words, a guru is a teacher or a mentor, someone who guides us to learn something in the course of our lifetime.

But I am really very fortunate to have a rare GURU who makes me learn anything and everything and the most important all who taught me the real meaning of life.

Today I am little upset because it is a FRIDAY… I know most of the people in the software industry always wait for Fridays, as after that is the time to enjoy – it is weekend. But it is not the case with me, the reason u would know as u read further.

When I was in Hyderabad(Now I am in Mysore for Infosys Training..) I always used to wait for the Fridays to come since after Fridays would be my long awaited WEEKEND.

Unlike on weekdays I used to wake up early in the morning in weekends with full enthusiasm and would get ready & wait looking at the clock for the movement of Minutes hand towards ‘12’ and Hours hand towards ‘8’… Yes once it is 8 am I used to start from my home to reach my destination by 9 am.

I always used to feel that the way is too long, as I was excited to reach there soon. But while reaching back I never felt that it is far. It is really an awesome feeling for me on weekends.

The reason being we have our KNOWLEDGE SESSIONS on weekends of my Guruji… Dr.T.P.Sasikumar. I am excited to learn various topics. My thirst for learning used to grow every weekend as it is a knowledge gaining session for me, during which I rediscovered myself, during which I came to know that there is so much to learn and LIFE is to Live while Learning In Full Enjoyment. These sessions always boosted my confidence, made me better than the previous day… It helped me enjoy LEARNING, to enjoy LIFE. It changed my perspective of looking at Life.

Today whatever I do, I do it with full heart, anything it may be. Hence I am really happy..
Even now during my training, I don’t feel stress and enjoy learning, this is the difference. Before meeting chachu I just used to read but not with heart and hence no learning would be happening and hence never enjoyed. And most important of all, this difference in me had made my father call me up and say that he wants me to study further till what extent I want to study, he is ready to send me anywhere for studies.

This difference is only because of my chachu, I learnt many things from him

Few most important are:

                               Which he always asked us to inculcate. (Udhyamam, Sahasam, Shakti, Parakramam..)
                         I remember them and shall follow them through out my Life…

             The days which I spent with my chachu have made me realize how committed he is towards his work.

          During our Summer Programme, I always saw how punctual he is and he was never late to the venue.

          Whenever somebody speaks something, he always listen to it with full concentration. And I learnt it from him and hence now I am concentrating in all my sessions during my training, which is helping me so much.

         Even when he was not well, he always used to be active and because of which we never came to know that he was not well.

         He always said that in everything there is something to learn and everything is a learning. And yes chachu I realizesd that EVERYTHING IS A LEARNING.

                            If I list out what all I have learnt from him then one day won’t be enough to describe all those.

                     So this is what I do on weekend. LEARN – LEARN and LEARN.
If somebody asks what we learn – Then my answer is EVERYTHING & ANYTHING. There is nothing which we don’t learn.

This is what I am missing on weekends here. This is the reason why I don’t wait for FRIDAYS here…..