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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A wonderful Article about my Acharya in Mathrubhoomi newspaper dated 19/11/2011

Within the Deep Knowledge

Multi-talented Dr T P Sasikumar, is making a revolutionary change in the latest Teaching thought-process. He is influencing the generations with his flow of thoughts on great philosophy of Learning and Teaching.

Bringing Spirituality, Science and Technology together into the world of Education and Knowledge, multi- talented Dr T P Sasikumar is trying to change the philosophy of teaching from the root itself.

Even at the age of 47, Dr T P Sasikumar is a student. He catered to over six Lakhs of students around the world, the pearl of knowledge that he has taken out by dipping into the ocean of Mathematics, Vaasthu, Astrology, Literature, Space Technology, Film Journalism, Indian Vedic Philosophy, Law, Business Management etc.

Dr T P Sasikumar with full enthusiasm is leading today’s younger generation to the new horizon of the great philosophy of learning and teaching.

Sasikumar was born in Naduvil village, Kannur District and was educated at Payyanur, has pursued his PG in Cochin University, has acquired M.Phil. and PhD from Bangalore University. After that he started his professional career as a Scientist in ISRO. During his career, he completed his LLB, MBA and MS.

Accidently in a Book Shop at Shornur Railway Station Sasikumar landed up on Ganitharatnakaram - a book by  Payyanur Keshavan Achary.  This book turned this young scientist from the prison of bureaucratic ladder dreams to the brightest teaching profession. His burning desire in Mathematics ended up in creative limitless original thoughts Astrology, Vaasthu Shastram and in producing. Meeting Brahmasree K P C Anujan Bhattadripad, the Bhodhivruksham of Sanskrit and Vedas, has changed the Life of Dr T P Sasikumar, by creating a silver path in his life. Dr Sasikumar had no second thought to become a disciple of KPC, who has welded the Vedic culture and latest technology by making them inseparable. After that he got an opportunity to learn Nityachaitanya Yathi. Yathi’s view of Bharatheeya Vedas and Upanishads from Himalayas from a psychological angle with critical analysis and understanding has influenced Dr Sasikumar in taking his Life philosophy to a matured state. This pilgrimage through the Arsha-Bharatha (Traditional Indian) culture could be that lead this lad from Kannur got a chance to reach to Rishikesh as disciple of the top acclaimed (during the 12 year cycle Kumbha mela) Mahamandaleswar Swamy Veda Bharathi.

Sasikumar dedicated his time on lecturing around to share the trusure of knowledge that is obtained from years of penance of self- learning for the society. He reached to more than three thousands of stages including schools, colleges, universities, research institutions, temples and social / spiritual / cultural associations.

As a passionate traveler Sasikumar visited many countries, a few of them were for lecturing. 2004 September 5th on the teachers day in Chennai over three thousand teachers attended his lecture.

Realizing the happiness and inner zeal in teaching he took volunteer retirement from space department to join as professor at Aurora Engineering College in Hyderabad. Sasikumar’s book on Adaptive Learning and Teaching is a real exploration of teaching technology that can be practiced by serious professionals.
More than eight books on various topics including ‘LIFE of LOVE’- a collection of poetry and ‘LIFE made SIMPLE’ – a philosophical guide book for making Life Simple are his contribution to literature.

Best Paper Award from President of India, Vagmi Award from Thapasya, Bharat Rakshak Award for article contribution on Internet,  Distinguished Social Service Award from Akhla Bharatheeya Malayalee Sangh are a few of the recognitions reached Dr. Sasikumar.

He is into Social Activity and Film apart from his official / Professional postings as Advisor of Shobha Developers on Education, Deputy Director at Directorate General of Security at Cabinet Secretariat, Director of UGc-Academic Staff College at Calicut University, Head of Sections at Advanced data Processing Research institute, Scientist at Space Application Centre and Program Planning and Project Cell at ISRO Head Quarters. He was invited at International Film Festival in 2010 at Muscat by Oman Government.

Translation of Mathrubhoomi – Mahanagaram 

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